APT/ Travelmarvel & Albatros School Project – Donations welcome!

Kilimatembo school was started in 1976 as a Government School, located in the Karatu district – near Ngorongoro. At this time the school accommodates 405 kids with 13 teachers.

APT/ Travelmarvel & Albatros school project was started officially in February 2015. APT/ Travelmarvel & Albatros Travel aims is to make Kilimatembo primary school a brighter child-friendly and healthier environment where children of all ages go to learn: The donations so far from APT / Travelmarvel & Albatros Travel have paid for the much needed renovating of classrooms and also the constructing of new infrastructures including a computer room as well as the schools sanitations and plumbing facilities.

Please click on the below link to see the report written by Peter Pascal who is helping oversee the project in Tanzania. It will give you further information on what differences the generous donations have already made and to learn more about what further improvements are necessary.

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