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Honeyguide Ranger Camp Tour Experience

Our young team of rangers have been very fortunate lately. From seeing lion kills to having an enjoyable day birding, to awesome walks around camp. Our pride of lions is one of the fantastic sightings, having grown so much in a year. From a single male and female to a pride of seven which is a lot of mouths to feed. The lions hunt daily, with our game drives vehicles being very close to the action. Sometimes the hunt is unsuccessful but on lucky days, we witness the strategic and quick kill. Watching the lions stalk its prey is very dramatic and leads to some intense moments on the vehicles.

Around the camp the guides need to keep a sharp eye. Recently there was a wildebeest that became a midnight snack for the pride closer to the pool, during our night game drive. On a happier note: we have had a rhino birth, in this day where we are losing them at an alarming rate, it’s always good to see a rhino calf running around.

We also successfully relocated seven leopard tortoises (Stigmochelys pardalis) in the reserve and while they were walking around trying to get some food, our lion cubs thought it was a clever idea to try and play with one of them. On an enticing front, we had a great sighting on “Blue cranes” close to a water hole. It’s not a common thing to happen in the area but sometimes we get some species that wander into the reserve.

The elephants are enjoying this time of the year with the marulas dropping its fruit for elephants to eat. We can see them standing around the tree picking up fruit one at a time, and no it doesn’t make them tipsy. And that’s only in two months! So, going forward into 2018 we hope our sightings will be as exciting or even better. With all the young impalas, wildebeests and zebras around making it look like a kindergarten. The reserve is full of life. The rangers are also spending time taking the guests and teaching them all about the fauna and flora for this area. We look forward to a busy year, great sightings, meeting you and making good friends.


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