Mozambique is without a doubt Africa’s hottest up and coming destination. Decades of civil strife have kept this country off the tourist trail but now stability has returned and the result is an opening up of this beautiful and unspoiled country.

Visitors can now enjoy sipping espressos at street cafes in the capital Maputo, go on safari in Gorongosa National Park or dance to Mozambican marrabenta music in a steamy night club. The pace of life is still slow in the country and the people are warm and friendly.

Bur for most travellers the lure of Mozambique can be summed up in one word: beaches. The country has an incredible 2,500km coastline, liberally sprinkled with sandy islands and hidden lagoons. It is one of the few places where the word pristine still applies and visitor numbers are increasing year-on-year, drawn by the promise of a tropical paradise of warm seas, coral reefs and barefoot luxury accommodation.

Perhaps this is why the country is a magnet for scuba diving and deep sea fishing. Visibility beneath the waves is astonishing and the marine life is diverse and flourishing. Many of the dreamy desert islands now have luxury lodges on them offering you the chance of getting away from it all and soaking up the African sun in comfort and style.

Below are the tours and accommodation options we offer in Mozambique. If you can’t see anything that appeals then please get in touch and we will arrange something tailored to your needs.

Albatros offers a wide range of tour packages to suite any tour operator or travel agencies client budget, if you not finding what you looking for, take the next step and contact us for a no obligation quote from our travel experts.



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