Sea Endurance

Originally built for sailing in the icy waters of Greenland, this ship offers an informal and relaxed atmosphere. The Sea Endurance has a double bottom and central steel keel. It was built in 1992 in Denmark and refurbished in 2005 that included the addition of a new panorama lounge on the top deck and 26 cabins providing views of the sea.

The vessel can accommodate 53 passengers in 26 bright, outside cabins appointed with single or double beds and private en-suite toilet and shower facilities. The ship carries a fleet of five Zodiac rafts for whale watching and shore landings in isolated areas.


The Sea Endurance offers well-appointed cabins in five categories, all characterised by clean Scandinavian design. The vessel can accommodate 53 passengers in 26 bright, outside cabins appointed with single or double beds and private en-suite toilet and shower facilities.



The panorama lounge, located on the top deck (deck 5), is the perfect place for relaxing with a cup of tea while enjoying panorama views of the sea and wildlife. The lounge is spacious and equipped with comfortable armchairs. Information meetings, slide shows and trip briefings will be held in the lounge.


Enjoy a drink from the well-stocked bar located in the lounge on the top deck (deck 5). During dinner and shore excursions, the bar will be closed. Please do not bring your own beverages to the bar or restaurant.


Enjoy delicious and well-prepared meals in the dining room on the lower deck. There is free seating so guests can get to know each other. Meal times vary according to excursions and arrival and departure times. However, we try to keep to the following schedule:

  • 6:30 Light breakfast in the panorama lounge
  • 8:00-9:00 Breakfast
  • 12:30-13:30 Lunch
  • 16:00-17:00 Afternoon tea/coffee and cake in the panorama lounge
  • 19:30-21:00 Dinner

Observation Deck

There is a spacious observation area on the top deck (deck 5) for wildlife viewing or soaking up the Arctic sun!

The Bridge

The bridge on the Sea Endurance is a working area. You can pay a visit to the bridge by entering the doors from the outside on deck 4. Please do not bring food and drink to the bridge and try to stay close to the sides so as not to disturb the crew. Up to eight guests can be on the bridge at the same time. If the captain needs space to work, we kindly request that the bridge be vacated.


The hotel manager’s office is located on deck 2 by the restaurant. The office can help you with all kinds of practical questions and your well-being on the ship.


There is a medical clinic with an English-speaking doctor on board the ship. Consultations will be charged to your ship account.


Apart from the Albatros Expeditions team, the rest of the crew on board the ship work together to provide you with a special and unique experience. The ship’s captain and his team make sure that everything on the ship runs smoothly. The hotel manager and his team are in charge of making your stay on board as comfortable and pleasant as possible.

About the Cabins

All the cabins are equipped with en-suite bathrooms with showers. Televisions and DVD players are available in category A and B cabins. However, please note that the television connection is dependent on the satellite connection and local conditions.

Cabins are attended to every morning. One bunk will be made into a sofa and in the evening it will be made into a bed.

If your towel is left on the bathroom floor, the staff will change it with a clean one. To continue using the same towel, please leave it hanging on the hook in the bathroom.

The toilet system on board the ship is very sensitive. Please avoid flushing anything that does not belong in a toilet.

The temperature in each cabin is individually controlled and can be adjusted on the radiator.

Water from the taps is drinkable. The ship takes on fresh water as it stops off at ports along the journey. Furthermore, sea water can be purified into drinking water on board. Usually there will be no need to ration water but we do nevertheless ask guests to be aware of water consumption and to try not to waste it.

The ship uses the European power system and runs at 220 volts. There are shaver sockets with 110/220 volts in the bathrooms. Please bring a travel plug/adapter if you need one.

Onboard Communication

The ship has an internet connection which guests can connect to with their own laptop computers or other devices. As the connection is quite slow, it will not be possible to stream or download heavy files. Please note that connectivity is dependent on the satellite connection and local weather conditions.

The ship’s communication system is connected to a satellite connection. It is possible to use the telephone in the panorama lounge or on deck 4 although phone calls are very expensive. A telephone and internet card for 5 minutes costs USD 11 (2014) prices. The card can also be used for connecting to the internet with your mobile device. There is no guest computer on board the ship. The telephone and internet card can be purchased from the hotel manager’s office.

Please also note that if you use your mobile device, it will be connecting via the ship’s satellite connection and will be more expensive than using your device on land abroad.

Coffee and Tea

Coffee and tea will be served with all meals. Free coffee and tea are also available in the lounge all day.

Outdoor Areas

Deck 4 has spacious outdoor areas for wildlife spotting.  The top deck also has outdoor areas open to guests. Please note that some areas may be cordoned off for safety reasons for short periods of time.


Please note that smoking is not permitted inside the ship. Smoking is only allowed on the deck where ash trays are available. Please do not throw cigarette butts into the sea.

Life Jackets and Life Boats

Life jackets are available in the cabins and the ship is equipped with covered life boats that can be easily and quickly lowered onto the water. The evacuation plan will be informed during the safety demonstraton at the beginning of the cruise.


Please do not throw batteries in the bins. Drop them off at the hotel manager’s office as we sort all rubbish.

Embarkation and Disembarkation

To ensure that all passengers have disembarked on shore visits, and have subsequently returned aboard, it is extremely important that everyone uses the following system. All passengers are issued with a personal ID cards that are used to check in and out every time you embark and disembark. It is your responsibility to be back on the ship on time.

Payment on Board

All your expenses from the bar, telephone and the like are put on your onboard tab. Prices on board are stated in US dollars, and the final bill is to be paid in this currency. The day before departure, payments can be made by credit card (VISA, Mastercard, Diners or American Express) or cash. If you wish to pay by credit card, an imprint of your card will be made in advance. Questions concerning the bill can be addressed to the hotel manager.


The customary gratuity to the ship’s service personnel is made at the end of the voyage and divided among the crew. Tipping is a very personal matter and the amount you wish to give is at your discretion. As a generally accepted guideline we suggest USD 13.5 per guest per day. Gratuities can be made by cash, credit card or traveller’s cheques. The expedition leader will inform you of the tipping system at the first information meeting.


There is no laundry service on board the ship.

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Five Cabin Categories
Exploration Ship
Adventure Options
Wildlife Viewing

Built: 1992, refurbished in 2005

Length: 50m

Breadth: 11m

Draft: 3.5m

Engines: MAN / B & W, 1470 KW

Ice Class: 1D (1B hull)

Speed: 10-12 knots

Displacement: 1,180 tonnes

Guests: 53

Registration: Bahamas

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