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Do you suspect you miss traveling more than your friends and family do? You could be suffering from a condition called dromomania – literally an uncontrollable urge to walk or wander, also used by psychologists to describe travel addiction.

Since the travel ban and national lockdown in South Africa have been in effect, leisure and business travel have been brought to a halt. The COVID-19 pandemic has put the whole world in a situation it has never been in before and the travel and tourism industry has certainly been hit the hardest.

As I sit here, while countries borders close and airlines pause operations worldwide, I think about the future of travel and my recent solo African safari adventure with Albatros Travel Africa.

We will travel after COVID19, but it will not be the same.

The COVID19 pandemic has changed all our worlds, and not just in the short term. Outside of healthcare – where heroes dressed in gowns are battling on the front lines, few industries have been hit like travel.

One of my favorite travel journeys has been right here in South Africa, in the infamous Kruger National Park.

I started my South African safari at South Africa’s premier private game viewing destination – The Manyeleti Private Game Reserve. Located in the Greater Kruger National Park, Albatros recommended I stay at one of their own luxury tented safari camps, Honeyguide Tented Safari Camp. It offered me exceptional game viewing and equally exceptional luxury tented accommodation.

Expect to spot leopards, elephants, lion, rhino, cheetah, giraffe, zebra, and a vast variety of antelope as well as other species that can be closely observed in their natural environment.

Observing these animals in their natural habitat, in the wide-open spaces while on safari to the deep canyons is truly a bucket list experience.

African safaris are high up on travelers’ wish-lists all over the world. And why shouldn’t they be? The wide-open spaces, the vast blue skies, the feeling of being one with nature, and the thrill of spotting animals – what is not to love?

Your day starts early, around four or five am, depending on the time of year, before sunrise, but do not be put off by this, the reward is great! Your game ranger will let you know it is time to wake up and you will hear the distinctive sounds of bird calls in the bush. They are different, welcoming and beckon you to rise to a new day.

You have been warned to wear something warm!

The sunrise is sublime, as before your eyes the bushveld comes alive.

Words can hardly describe the simple, profound, and breathtaking magic of watching the sun emerge from the horizon in the stillness of the early African morning.

Suddenly it happens. You turn a corner on the dirt road and one of the ‘Big 5’ is right there – so close you think you could reach out and touch them. An Elephant, Lion, Buffalo, an elusive Leopard, or the sadly endangered Rhino stand before you – or turn to run from you.

The lion roaring in the background or the male elephant’s unnerving ability to appear out of the landscape without warning, strolling unstoppably towards a favorite waterhole, riverbank, or fruiting trees.

The binoculars are out – cameras flash. The feeling of this first-time encounter is thrilling!

I’m a very experienced solo traveler, this particular solo safari experience was a once in a lifetime experience, the varying choices can be daunting, costs vary widely from country to country and safaris can range from the relatively tame to the utterly wild.

Without a doubt, the best way to start researching your holiday is to talk to one of the travel specialists at Albatros Travel Africa. Safaris are highly specialist trips designed for clients with vastly different expectations and demands, their team has been proving authentic African experiences for over 34 years.

Albatros recommended I spend three-four days on safari, while pairing the rest of my trip spent exploring cultural/scenic locations, or relaxing at their world-famous beaches, I chose the beach & the wine! Cape Town’s food & wine is invariably world-class – we will talk about this again 😊

I recommend you look at the packages on offer on their website but know all these packages are customizable to your travel bucket list and their travel specialists are equipped to handle any query!

Cape Town & Kruger Park Experience 

Cape Town & African Bush Package

In Africa, they believe that this is the nearest place to heaven on Earth. The African veld, better known to locals as ‘the bush’, is serene and savage, peaceful and thrilling, with bright sunshine and pitch-black nights with stars so brilliant they are like fluorescent lights in the sky.

The fluorescent lights in the open sky will not leave my heart anytime soon.

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